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Draw what you want

I wanted to talk to you guys out there who also like to draw. It might be for fun only, for a job or anything else. People will always look at your stuff and decide how they perceive it. Some might just get impressed and like everything you do, but some others will always find something bad to say. I’m not talking about constructive point of views here, but about people that see what they want to see. Some will tell you that you draw something to look like something else when it wasn’t your intention at all and won’t let the thing go unless you say they are right. Even though there might be an entire other story behind it or just that you were inspired this way at the time and tried something totally unrelated to what they are saying that day. Some others will try to see behind the drawings itself, trying to figure out how you really are and how you think. While some others will just try to find the flaws for fun without ever telling one good thing in your work. 

But you know what? The only thing that matters is what you want in all this. Sometimes, no matter what you say, it won’t change a thing. The only important thing is how you feel and if you like the results in what you put so much effort in doing. Ok, and the person for who you did this drawing if it was intended for someone else. Its always nice to get point of views from others, compliments and sometimes constructive criticizing, but you need to put what you want here 1st.

I am saying all this, but I can assure you that I’m one of the last person that is able to apply this advice. I am trying to and I think it is a really important thing in the end. Why am I saying all this? Because, I myself was thinking about giving up drawing not so long ago. Not for a period of time, but for good. I went throught this and decided not to stop, but recently the reasons that made me want to stop in the beginning were blown to my face once again and I took a pause, to think. And there I told myself ”wait … why do I even bother?” If I change what these people are seeing or telling me, they will just say that they were right after all since I made those changes. And if I don’t change anything, they will continue to point out the same things, thinking they are right. This is, my friends, a lose-lose situation either way. So .. I decided to do what I want. That’s it. I draw because I like it. It is a way to express myself and to have fun while doing it. This doesn’t mean that what is in my head is splattered all over my gallery and even if some pieces are, so what. Is the result interesting? This is what that matters.

So you all, I advise you to do the same. Feel good about yourself and your drawings, because after all, you’re doing it to have fun. It’s a beautiful side of you that can only be shown by images, feels, ideas and all. It is nice to see people liking what you do, but you need to also like it and feel good about it. Feel free about it, abbove anything else.